RSS Help

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a web-feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as news articles. RSS feed content can be read using software called a RSS reader or an aggregator. Subscribing to a feed is as simple as entering the feed's link into the reader. The reader checks subscribed feeds on a regular basis for new content and updates accordingly.

Why would I use RSS?
If you visit on a regular basis, subscribing to news feeds from 3M will allow the content to be delivered to you. This will keep you informed of news happening at 3M, updates to website content, and other topics of interest to you.

How do I get RSS feeds?
If a news section from is enabled for RSS, an icon like this will be displayed. Clicking the link will open a window with the content of the RSS feed. Simply Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the reader of your choice.

Where do I find a RSS Reader?
There are many options for how you may want to subscribe to a RSS feed. A list of potential readers can be found here: